Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Share Your Story Of The Sower

On February 21st, the beloved Dr. Michael A. Guido went home to be with the Lord. His 50+ years of ministry through the Guido Evangelistic Association touched millions on TV, radio, newspaper column, personal speaking engagements, and by greeting visitors to Guido Gardens.

If your life was impacted in some way by the ministry of this unique man of God, please take a moment to add your recollections to this special site created for the public. The comments box is at the bottom of the posted messages below.


  1. Dr. Guido has impacted my life in ways I can't even begin to tell. His TV spots have lifted me when I was down and given me the encouragement to go on. I visit his website every day for new seeds.

    He will be missed here, but in Heaven their is rejoicing!

  2. I grew up living with my grandparents and every morning grew up listening to the news and during the news breaks, listening to Dr. Guido's stories and the morals that were passed down by his stories. He will be missed dearly.

  3. The world is a little less bright today as one of its great lights has been called home to a well-deserved reward. Dr. Guido was such a help to so many showing us by example what it truly means to be a Christian. Well done good and faithful servant. We will miss you good friend.

    Fred & Kathy Wick

  4. Dr. Guido and the Sower has been a part of my life since I was a little girl growing up in South Carolina. He will be truly missed.

    Woodbridge, Virgina

  5. I was priviledged to meet Dr. Guido at Christmas in the chapel as I brought my family to view the gardens and its many displays. We were touched by his willingness to meet and greet all of the visitors and know he is rejoicing today as he is with the Lord whom he has served so faithfully for many years.
    We will miss him but I am so thankful that we were able to meet and shake his hand and wish him a Merry Christmas last year.

  6. There has never been another man whom I have known to be so God like. He was Lord Jesus in the flesh. He taught me to rely and depend on Jesus all the time. When I was very small I would visit the Guido’s with my grandparents and parents. The Guido’s had a dog named “Doc” whom I shared ice-cream. My grandmother Polly would fuss as I took a lick and then Doc and Dr. Guido would just laugh. I continued to visit them and received the devotional books. As I became a parent I carried my husband and children to visit them. When we walked into the gardens all my troubles would fade away. I felt a sense of peace as we would walk and talk. I miss him so much already but I am so thankful for the memories and lessons that he taught me. I know that Dr. Guido is having a wonderful time talking with our Lord and visiting old friends, he deserves it!

  7. I started reading his Devotional about 10yrs ago when my Mom was in the hospital. I sent to receive his package at my home every month. So for 10yrs I have been helped just by reading his Devotions. I really have turned to them alots since I lot my Mother last July. At times when nothing seems to be going right it helps just to set and read his words.He will be missed. Judy PENNINGTON

  8. I have come to the gardens in Metter at Christmas for the last 12 years or so, and it made my holiday so much more special. Dr. Guido's smile was the brighest light shining there. I will miss him the most when we come next year and he's not in the chapel greeting everyone.

    Billie R.

  9. Me and my family have visited the gardesn several times in the past, and enjoyed meeting Dr. Guido in person. He was the sweetest, kindest, most humble and sincere minister of the gospel I have ever known. He was too good for this old world!

    S. Blake

  10. I have been listening to Dr. Guido since the early 80's. I was always given a ray of hope.
    Several years ago, my late husband and I visited the gardens as we came back from Savannah. The chapel was beautiful and it meant so much to see the gardens and the chapel and the peaceful setting created for the ministry. My heart goes out to the Guido family and the millions of listeners and prayer warriors that have been a part of this ministry for years. Please keep the ministry alive. D. Henry/Conyers Georgia

  11. Growing up in a church in East Point, GA, I heard Dr. Guido many times through the years. His messages were straight to the point and always got my attention. God worked through him greatly. As a teen, my youth group toured his studio. I was amazed as he told stories of God meeting ALL of his needs. He will be greatly missed here on earth. Dr. Guido was a great man of God here on earth and is now with his Lord God in heaven!

  12. Dr. Guido was very inspired and encouraging to me. When he be on tv with a message. It make me think about the meaning in the message. I have been listening to him since the '80. I wish that I have met him in person.

  13. From boyhood, "Seeds From The Sower" always captured my attention on television. The smiling face and gentle demeanor of Dr. Guido spoke to me on a profound level even as a child. After becoming a Christian, I grew to appreciate him even more. When I was privileged to come to know him personally, I discovered that the man I had seen on television was the very same one in reality. There were no masks, no pretensions. Then, during one of the lowest points in my life when I lost my job while living in Florida, Dr. Guido called me on the phone and prayed with me. His faith and genuine compassion were just the medicine that I needed that day. I was able to carry on with a renewed resolve. My story is just one of countless others as to how Dr. Guido has served and blessed so many. Earth has lost a treasure...and Heaven has gained a saint.

  14. In so many ways, so many times when I wa sin South Georgia he was a blessing.

    Generous and compassionate he had time for "little guys" like me just starting out in the Pastorate.

    We loved the Christmas lights, but HE was the brightest light among them eery year.

    Pastor John M. Keeter

  15. Several years ago I was visiting with my Sister-in-law, Bonnie Essex, and visited Guido Gardens. I Met Dr. Guido and Audrey as well as it was a great pleasure.

    I have been Seeds of the Sower and other literature monthly and hope to continue to do so.

    He was a wonderful representative of our Lord and I know he is now enjoying all the pleasures of Heaven that we all are looking forward to. Thanks for being there.

    Myrtle Housman

  16. Dr. Guido’s name will always be an emblem for the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the nation. The Dr. Guido’s of this world are the true heroes of our society, not the wordily prominent who serve themselves yet are foolishly put on a pedestal for idolizing and envy.

    Those who work for eternal values and direct their energies to the service of men’s souls are fulfilling the Great Commission of Christ……to declare before the world what every soul is seeking -- forgiveness of sins and peace with God through our Savior Jesus Christ.
    Their labors, in the name of Jesus Christ, will never be wasted and every word and service will accomplish what God intends.

    All Christians should follow the example of Dr. Guido that exemplified his lifelong work….. “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth”
    Romans 1:16

    Larry & Diane

  17. I first met Michael Guido in 1995 as a representative of the Howard Harrill Christmas Decoration Company. Mr. Guido had started the Christmas Lights display a couple of years earlier and had purchased a couple of items from our company. When I first called the Gardens, I was quite surprised to speak with him personally. This first conversation was the beginning of an enduring friendship.
    Many of the largest Christmas Displays featured in the Gardens every December were manufactured by our company. Mr. Guido was always excited to know what new designs were available every year. He always fretted about having the budget to purchase them, yet once we placed a photo of the item on the "Prayer Board" God would always come through in one way or another.
    Any time I was close to Metter, GA, I would call Mr. Guido. I had the wonderful privilege of sharing BBQ with him and Audrey at their kitchen table on many occasions. The evening fellowship that followed was always enjoyable as was our prayer time together.
    Mr. Guido and I also shared many breakfasts at the "Awful Waffle", as he used to call it, always reminding me that he was a personal friend of the restaurant chain's founder.
    Michael Guido was very instrumental in my becoming a Christian. Prior to meeting him, I was a seeker only. I knew that he had a close, personal relationship with God and I wanted the same thing. Through our friendship, I came to realize that I, too, could have that same relationship.
    He was thrilled to learn, while sharing his favorite BBQ with me one evening, that I had ended an unchristian relationship and had surrendered to the lordship of Jesus Christ.
    A couple of years later, I had met a wonderful girl in Forest City, NC who was familiar with the Sower's messages, having seen him on television many times. When I proposed to her, both of us were hoping that Mr. Guido would agree to perform the marriage ceremony at the Chapel in Guido Gardens. Although he had not been in good health that year,and was no longer performing wedding ceremonies at the Chapel, he graciously honored our request. We rounded up 30 relatives and drove 6 hours to Metter, GA on December 15, 2000.
    The wedding was wonderful as was the reception that followed, also held in Metter. I shall never forget that day.
    My memories are not only of Mr. Guido but also of his staff, especially, Lila, Sue and Fred. Their acceptance of me as a "Friend Of The Gardens" has always touched me deeply. To them and Audrey, I wish to thank you for your wonderful hospitality every time I visited Guido Gardens. May you find comfort in the fact that you knew, loved, and worked with a most wonderful servant of God.
    Frank Chyz, Forest City, NC

  18. How wonderfully God used Michael Guido. He could say the most using the least words in the shortest amount of time of anyone I have heard. His messages always were to the point and pointed you to the Christ. I have received his printed material for years and used much of his messages in teaching and preparing articles for my church newsletter and bulletin. His life and lessons touched so many--only our Lord knows how many. What a man of faith and humility. I never had the privilege of meeting him on this side of heaven, but when I get there, I will meet him face to face, just like my Jesus.

    Marilyn Goodroe, Hawkinsville, GA

  19. Growing up in Calhoun Falls, I remember the Sower spots so well...It is one of my fondest memories....
    No matter how down I was, Father Guido would come on and smile that big smile and I would smile too...You just couldn't help it...
    He was an inspiration to so many..He will be very missed...
    Valerie McCurry

  20. My aunt, who lived in Bellville, Georgia, put my name on Dr. Guido's mailing list soon after he began his ministry in Metter. Month-after-month, year-after-year, I received his daily devotions, Conversations with Mathew, and other writings. As a carefree teenager and young man, I will have to say they often went unread. But as many others have said, growing older and dealing with many of the bumps in the road that occur in all of our lives, Dr. Guido's simple, humble and often humorous wisdom and encouragement have been like a warm blanket that have gotten me through many a cold spell. Although we never met, I have felt that he was part of our family, and we have a large and loving family. He lives in the love we all have for him. Larry, we are all praying for you and for the Guido Evangelistic Association, and that the ministry started by Michael and Audrey will continue to grow and reach other people, young and old, who are searching for meaning in their lives. I am thankful to be the result of a seed sown on fertile soil. God bless you all.

    P. Scott Gallian
    Jacksonville, FL

  21. I have been blessed by Dr. Guido's mini sermons for years, but his gardens are the most precious to me. On my daily trips to Statesboro for radiation therapy for cancer, I stopped there to pray and enjoy the beauty. I thank God for Dr. Guido's vision and for his obedience to God's calling.

  22. Vendie H. Hooks III MDTuesday, February 24, 2009

    Growing up in Metter, Michael has always been there and always praying for others. He is the only speaker I have ever listened to that I can truly say I heard every word he spoke. What an incredible individual and such an incredible mind. He was the "Real Thing". Always more concerned about others and their problems even to the very end. Recently,I called to leave him a message after he had come home from the hospital. He answered the telephone and you would have thought that I was the one who had been ill. He wanted to know how I was doing. So typical. He will be missed but remembered. What a loss for this world but such an incredible gain for Heaven. His work and influence will continue indefinitely.

  23. Mr Guido was a very special man and we are proud and honored to call him friend. He will be missed by so many lives that he and Miss Audry have touched. My family will cherish many fond memories since he was always with us through our trying times. He was a simple and humble man and we will miss him so much. Our prayers are with the family and staff as they continue the ministry that Mr Michael and Miss Audrey started many years ago.

  24. I had the honor of calling Michael Guido my friend and mentor for 20 years. I made the drive from Atlanta to Metter many times to be with this special man. We spent a lot of time together and I treasure the memories. His gifts of listening, praying, writing, speaking and soul-winning were amazing. This man of God truly "walked his talk!" I'll miss "The Sower," but we should rejoice at his earthly legacy and heavenly life that will have no end. God bless you, Michael, for making an eternal difference to so many of us!

  25. Stephen Mitchell BallengerTuesday, February 24, 2009

    On behalf of my mom, Miss Sandy Ballenger, and I, we extend our sympathies to the Guido family, the Guido Evangelistic Association, Dr. Guido's beloved City of Metter, Georgia, and to the world who heard, read and saw him on the passing of a beloved friend and extended member of our family. Dr. Guido was a mentor to us and helped us to know more about our Lord and his mighty works. His sermons and devotions was a light that shined through the darkness of life. If it wasn't for him, we would be lost in this world of evil and sin. We consider him a long lost relative, and with his passing, our heart is now a void and memories only filled with positive memories of him and his smile. May our Lord reward him in heaven for his dedication and service and leading many to our Lord.

  26. Michael Guido touched my life with his writings and TV spots. Oh what a wonderful work the Lord did in his life! I read his book, The Michael Guido Story, and it connected with me, as I have unsaved loved ones. I pray daily they would be saved. Michael's story of how his Dad eventually received the Lord has given me hope and encouraged me to continue praying.

  27. Shortly after my husband's death in 2004, I came accross The Sower's website. I had also seen him on christian television as he gave his mini devotionals. The Lord used him, along with other's to minister to me, even when I could not pray anymore. His honesty, sincerety and love was very evident.
    I requested having the devotionals emailed to me daily, and I've browed the site and viewed his beautifull gardens, read of his ministry and family, and got to know him this way. He is a truly devoted man of God, he will be missed by many still on this journey here, including me.
    Lorna Couillard
    West Burke, Vermont

  28. As a little girl who did not often get to go to church, I had the love of God instilled in me through my mother's expression of faith in God and through Guido's messages. When I married I was pleasantly surprised to find a message from him in our little N. Augusta, SC newspaper each week. Years went by and I read in Don Rhodes Augusta Chronicle column about the Christmas Lights at Guido Gardens and the Sunrise Sevice there each Easter. I had longed to go there during the Christmas season, but Christmas had come and gone and I thought it was not to be. Coming home from Florida a few days before New Year's, we took a detour and my husband said that it looked like I was going to get my wish as we were going right through Metter. I was in awe as we took the winding path that led through the beautiful gardens...leading to my amazement a beautiful little chapel..I tried the door and to my surprise it opened..then to my delight I saw Guido sitting right there greeting all who entered. It was such a joy to meet him and tell him in person how much he had meant to me. That Easter I felt a longing to go there for Easter Sunrise service even if I had to go alone on a rainy Sunday morning. I had such faith that God would stop the rain until I didn't take an umbrella. I didn't have to go alone...my husband joined me and it stopped raining before we arrived. That seed of longing placed in my heart by God led to the beginning of many journies to the Garden as I was passing through to South Georgia..always stopping for a stroll through the Gardens during the different seasons and to kneel and pray in the Chapel for others and myself. I encouraged friends and family to come to seek the serenity and beauty of the Garden and the Chapel as I knew it and Guido's messages would renew their faith..heal their hurt..draw them nearer to God. It was a blessing for my husband and I to be at a service with a friend who came forward when Guido preached and gave a call of invitation. I was led to have Guido pray for God's will in my life one Sunrise Service. Part of that led to the fruition of the desire to write a song that would touch lives for God, and God blessed with it being performed to my surprise the next Sunrise Service. Isn't that just like God and the seeds He plants...it often catches us by surprise so we know it's Him leading and working in us and others and not just we ourselves. I'll never forget the hospitality shown by the Guido's as we visited with them a couple of times in their home with friends. Guido was in the spotlight, but Mrs. Audrey was the backbone behind the man and worked right along with him and she needs our prayers so very much as do Larry and his wife and all the team who will carry on. I appreciate the materials they mail each month which I read and share. Most of all I enjoy the automated daily devotional I received each morning...clicking on I hear the birds in the garden and see and hear Guido deliver an inspirational, thought provoking message. What a way to start each day! I celebrate the life of Michael Guido with JOY as I recall defining moments in my life inspired by the Sower and imagining all the many, many lives touched for God by the Guido's Evangelistic Ministry which will live on! Thank you, Michael Guido, for being a good and faithful servant of God and encouraging us to do so.

  29. As the webmaster of this page and the main Sower site, I often write from an official standpoint representing Dr. Guido and the ministry. But if I may, I'd like to step in for a moment and share my own feelings about serving with this wonderful person.

    As an employee of the Guido Evangelistic Association for 13 years, I have had the privilege and honor of working closely with Dr. Guido. My amazement at his work ethic and kindness began when I first called to apply for the job. It was in the evening, and when Dr. Guido answered the phone personally, I was as shocked as if I called the public number for the White House and the President personally answered. I learned that he answered the phone after hours whenever it rang, and never put on an answering machine. He was too concerned with ministering to those that might call and need prayer or salvation.

    While working closely with him, recording his radio messages, driving him various places during the workday, and so on, I had the blessing of discovering that he was always the same in person as he was on TV. He always had a smile and an encouraging word, and made you feel as if you were the most important person he had ever met. I consider my time with him as more than a job, but sharing in the ministry of one of the modern world's greatest examples of a Christ-centered life that reflected his love and grace.

  30. Dr. Guido's life was a lesson in faithfulness, encouragement & love. We thank the Lord for bringing him into our lives. Even though we only met him in person for just a brief momemt, he impacted our lives greatly!
    To the Guido family - our love and prayers are with you!
    Todd & Martha Sparks
    Roganville TX

  31. Dr. Guido was a wonderful person who meant a lot to me. I remember seeing his spots on TV when I was quite young. I lost touch with his work until recent years when I read his column in the local newspaper. Very recently I had the great privilege of meeting him. What a mighty servant of God! Each day now I receive an e-mail message from the Guido Ministries. How often the words are just the message I need. God has used him and I feel very blessed to have meet this man. God bless his family for their loss but praise be to God for the happiness in Heaven when this saint came home.

  32. Years before I came to know Jesus as my Savior, I found "Seeds From the Sower" on the AM radio in my car and listened to it each morning as I drove to work. In less than a minute every morning, Dr. Guido gave me food for thought that I found myself feeding upon throughout the day. "The Sower" wasted no words as he delivered his thought-provoking devotionals each morning. I'm sure that he is already planting seeds everywhere he goes in Heaven. God bless you, Dr. Guido.

  33. On countless occasions, during my workday, down here in Puerto Rico, Dr. Guido's messages have been exactly the words of hope my heart needed to hear. I will be forever thankful that I have been exposed to the such love and wisdom.

    Javier E.

  34. http://jot777.wordpress.com/2009/02/24/dr-michael-a-guidos-final-birthday/

    Dr. Michael A. Guido’s Final Birthday


    The LORD has birthed a son today,
    to walk on streets of Gold,
    Forever, he will work and play,
    with One he’s longed to hold!

    Th’Eternal Obstetrician caused
    Time’s “womb” to dialate wide,
    For Dr. Michael Guido was to…
    leave for the other side!

    The Seed of Man implants within,
    The Fruit of Lady Fair,
    When nine months pass a child of Sin,
    begins to cry and stare!

    Yet, at the point two sinful cells
    were joined to begin life,
    The New One starts to die towards HELL,
    and enter daily strife!

    When once The Savior’s Song is sung,
    in heart re-tuned by GRACE,
    The World has only just begun,
    to see Christ in the face!

    This man of God was once a boy,
    who feared the tolling bell,
    But when this Christ gave new employ,
    he feared no more dark HELL!

    His saxophone on Calvary,
    he hanged to take his stand,
    To lose his life that we might be,
    Fore’er in Beulah land!

    Now after end of Earthly days,
    the Preacher’s standing…still,
    No more touched by Sin’s Earthly Clay,
    Victorious in Christ’s Will!

    “A thousand Thanks! But not for me!”
    He’d say to us today.
    “Give ALL your Praise to Christ for He…
    is Worthy ev’ry WAY!”

    (John 14:6 & John 3:16, KJV)

    by Jay O’Toole :)
    (aka Stan Haselton

  35. Dr. Guido kept me in the fold for many years with his radio Seeds from the Sower. I spent many a day traveling the back roads of NE Georgia, and his message would appear like a beacon to me. God bless Dr. Guido.
    George Carpenter

  36. Dr. Quido has had a profound impact on my life. I remember as a kid watching the Seed from the Sower commercial as I prepared for school. As an adult, the daily devotion has been instrumental in getting me through the rough times in my life. I regret that I never had an opportunity to meet him, but his message of Love and Faith in God will forever be in my heart.

    Sapphire Anderson

  37. As a middle school teacher, I have found much-needed strength in my daily e-mails from Dr. Quido. I'm so relieved to see that I am still receiving them as God' work continues in the next generation. Phyllis P.

  38. Dr. Guido has help so very much in my walk with God. I am 50 years old and I remember him speaking at the service we had the day before graduation. I graduated from East Laurens High. I always listen to what he has to say on the radio. It doesn't last long but they speak to my heart. And then one time I got locked up for 4 months (not a time that I am proud of but God had a reason for putting me there) and I started receiving things from him in the mail. I would sit and read every word he had to say. People don't believe me but God locked me up and I only served exactly 4 months to the day and God let me out. God is so very awesome and Dr. Guido is one man that lives for God and getting God's message out to everyone. Thank You Dr. Guido for all that you do for all of us.

  39. The story of Michael and his wife trusting God for finances time after time amazed me.  He didn't just preach evang. meetings and live from offerings (which is okay) but he walked by faith.  I love stories of faith, when you are up against the wall and God has to come through or it is over. God has helped me share Christ and encourage believers. Faith alone has taken me to  27 countries and brought me an Albanian wife, EVA, at age 40, as God by prayer brought Rebekah to Isaac. (Genesis 24)  Christ deserves the glory from all of us who have discipled others, been on radio and TV, and written pamphlets.
    Michael's practical parables and examples when explaining the profound truths of Christ' death and resurrection and how that makes a difference in our lives was incredible.  I loved the radio spots and hope to visit the next time I am in Georgia. God , raise up more people like Mr. and Mrs. Guido. John 15:8 (By this was Christ glorified, through the Guido's yielding and surrending, as the grape only becomes more ripe and lucsious attached to the vine, not plucked off, and stepped on and crushed by a passersby.

  40. Thanks for the many hours of Christian Broadcasting. From early on His ministry has encouraged me as I too chose to go into Christian Broadcasting at WGNM TV in Macon, Ga.
    and my wie remembers him Preaching in Macon many years ago. I hope to visit his gardens in the future. It takes a humble man to testify of of such a great Saviourin Jesus Christ our Lord. Thank you staff for continuing This great Work.
    Tom and Vicki Crow
    Macon, Georgia

  41. In 1969, when I was 8 years old, Michael Guido visited the church I attended in Temperance, Michigan. I remember listening as Michael shared about the love of Jesus, and how He died for our sins. At the end, when the hymn "Just as I Am" was sung, I walked, with trembling knees and tear-filled eyes to the altar and accepted Jesus Christ into my heart. After the service, I asked Michael to sign my little white Bible, which he so sweetly and graciously did. In the childhood years which followed, I enjoyed many treasured meal times with Michael and Audrey as they visited my parents' home. I can recall Michael sharing fun jokes, and always taking time to listen to me.

    I treasured my little white Bible with Michael's signature, but many years passed and life brought its challenges. One evening when I was desperately struggling, I called the Guido Association phone number. Not having contact for many years, I thought I might be able to reach a prayer line. Instead, to my great surprise, Michael himself answered the phone. Despair turned into hope that night as Michael again took time to listen, and brought my needs to our loving God in prayer.

    So, when I learned from my father on Sunday that Michael passed away, my earthly heart grieved intensely. I simply could not stop myself from crying. Then I decided to pull out my little white Bible and read Michael's signature. I discovered the scripture he had written next to his name was Philippians 1:21, "For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain." How I praise our all knowing God who led Michael to write that verse 40 years ago, knowing the comfort it would bring today.

    I pray this may also comfort others. I also pray to be, as Dr. Michael Guido was, more like Jesus each day...taking time for children, and time for suffering adults...bringing hope to the world and sharing the love of our Precious Lord and Savior.

  42. I have never met such a man as Pastor Guido. I had visited there when I was a small child, and had the honor of meeting him again several years back. We came to visit him and he gave us his book, and I read all of it before we got back home in Tampa Fl. I was just amazed at his life. He was always so positive and uplifting. He never ever said anything negative. He helped our family through a family trajedy with my son. His words and prayers is what helped me keep it together as a mother. He sent my two litte ones Bibles when they were born and signed them for them. He and his wife are such dear and close friends. I will forever miss him. My flesh wanted him to stay here forever, but we all know he is in a far better place than us. He is no longer in pain, and that comforts me. Even though I am sitting here with tears running down my face, we need to be dancing and singing because he has a new life in Heaven, he is with God Almighty, WOW.............I wish that all of us could follow the example of his life, he was so humble and happy. I will miss him dearly and I love him and his wife and his whole ministry dearly.

    The Williford Family,
    Tracy, Jenn, John n NOelani
    Tampa Fl

  43. Brother Micheal was a powerful leader as well as a wonderful mentor to young Pastor's. He was always eager to listen, ready to pray, and forever more concerned with your trials than his. What a testimony what God can do when He takes complete control of a life.

  44. Dear Brother Larry and all the Sower Family: Dr. Guido will be so very missed. i have received the Seed for the sower at my homes since i was a young girl, and i use to watch his show way back when we only had black and white t.v. programming. (((Big Family Hugs)))
    i will so miss him, but i pray that you will keep the seed for the sower going forever and ever. i am 65 now and i so enjoy all his messages. Praise God for him he has blessed my whole family and me for over 40 years. i love you all, Faith Dube

  45. My fondest memory of Dr. Guido was in 1998 when I began my first Pastorate at Merrywood Baptist Church in Statesboro, GA. One evening my wife and small son and I went over to Metter during the Christmas holidays to see all the beautiful lights and Dr. Guido was in the chapel. After a brief introduction he asked me if he could pray for me and my family and he did and I don't know if I've ever felt any closer to God than I did when he placed his hand on my shoulder and prayed that God would bless my family and my ministry. God has answered that prayer exceeding abundantly above all that we could have ever asked or thought.

    His "Seeds from the Sower" have been a continuous blessing as well as his other writings. I know he will be greatly missed by so many especially his family and staff. I often think of Dr. Guido as an example incarnate of Proverbs 25:11 "A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver." And also: Luke 6:45 'A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good;...for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh." We will miss you Dr. Guido and look forward to seeing you again in heaven.

  46. Dr. Guido has been used of God to touch millions of lives around the world. His gentle spirit, dynamic prayer life, commitment to God's Word, genuine compassion and faithfulness to God’s call in his life have been and will continue to be an encouragement to many.
    I thank God to have known Dr. Guido and been influenced by commitment to stay focused on the ministry to which God had called him.
    He leaves a legacy on this side of glory and he is rejoicing in the presence of the Lord today.
    ~ Hebrews 6:10-12, Revelation 14:13 ~
    John Yarbrough

  47. I met Dr. Guido 7 months ago when my family and I moved to Georgia. Neither my wife or my self had felt so secure and freely to speak to someone than when we sat with him in his office. He was a holy man, always dedicated to serve us, the needy ones. During Christmas I went to see the Spectacular Lighting in the Garden and for my surprise even after his illness and short stay in the hospital he was sitting in the chapel greeting people as they go inside to pray. God must be very happy and excited to see him entering his kingdom. God bless his ministry, his wife and the entire world.

    May rest in Peace.

  48. It was the fall of 1991 when I first met Dr. Guido. I visited his office in Metter, Georgia and was touched by this man's compassion and love for God. We continued meeting from time to time which I consider some of the best mentoring I've ever had.

    From the mid to late 1990's I met with a group of pastors and Dr. Guido once a month at the chapel in the garden for prayer. The insight from those meetings has and will never leave me.

    When Michael Guido said he was praying for me, I knew how true that was and it brought me comfort and insight. My wife and I were invited to spend an evening with Michael and Aubrey about 10 years ago. Their agenda was to encourage us. And that they did well.

    His commitment to sharing the Gospel of Jesus is seen in few other people I have known. His passion and his faith have guided me in ministry and in life. I remember walking by the prayer board at Dr. Guido's office and seeing what they were praying for. Then weeks or days later hearing how God answered prayer. What a huge testimony he is for Jesus.

    The people that this man influenced is far greater than any of us will know, but he influenced me in huge ways. I will never be the same.

    I really thank God for the few minutes I had with Dr. Guido at Christmas (2008) in the Gardens that were bright and shining for Jesus and he was sharing with people who visited him in the chapel.

    On February 21, 2009, Michael Guido entered his real home. The one he talked about in Heaven. "Well done" was the word. Then I am sure that many people pointed to this gentle man from rural south Georgia that led them to meet Jesus. What an awesome place Heaven is.

    Please pray for Audrey whose health continues to fail, pray for the family, pray for his gracious staff and pray for those who will miss him so much(including many of us).

    Thank you, God, for allowing me to meet and be touched by the vision, passion and love of Dr. Michael Guido.

  49. I only knew him from his TV spots, but in those commercials I could see he had an inspiring peace through God, a peace he wanted to share.
    I regret not having met him.

  50. I met Michael and Audrey years ago when my husband worked with him. Although we live four hours away from Metter, we stayed in touch with birthday and holiday cards and gifts. Michael's thank you letters were amazing, so full of gratitude and concern for us. In 2005, I started a small business making jewelry. God gave me a passion and a gift for this endeavor, but I wondered for a while whether it was a Christian thing to do to sell jewelry. I wrote to Michael and he assured me that God had given me a gift for making women feel beautiful and good about themselves. Shortly after that, I made a necklace for a young friend and when she put it on she said, "I feel beautiful!" That was when I realized that God had confirmed Michael's message to me. Before we met Michael, my husband had wondered whether his piety and saintliness were "real". After we got to know Michael in person, we both realized that he was indeed "the real thing", that he meant every word he said about his Lord and God with all his heart. He was truly a saint as well as a friend, and although we will feel his loss greatly, we know that heaven is rejoicing to have such a kind and caring spirit among them. Surely he is now being rewarded greatly for his untiring work for God's kingdom! Audrey, we are lifting you up in our prayers, as we know this must be very hard for you, to have lost such a wonderful husband after so many years of marriage. We plan to drive to Metter on Saturday and hope to see you then.

  51. Michael was a true servant of the Lord and a mighty yet humble man of God. I heard his humble messages while driving in Puerto Rico. When our family needed help and guidance in moving from Miami to Colorado, to Puerto Rico, and finally to Canada, I sought Michael Guido
    for prayer. I will always treasure his personal email responses to me...and lo our prayer requests were answered...I feel as if I have lost a kindly grandfather and although heaven rejoices at Michael's arrival, I grieve his loss here on earth...truly he was a servant of Jesus and I, as well as countless others, were blessed by his prayers and his ministry...truly God worked through this gentle soul who lived for Christ in Metter, Georgia and unto the ends of the earth.

    m. bratt

  52. Dr. Michael and Audry has been a blessing to me and my family for a lot of years, I have heard him speak many times and recieved a blessing each and every time.He always had a great message and he had a pleasant voice, you had to stop and listen when he spoke. I have admired his and Audry's faith espically since the acident near Atlanta Ga. I have read his books and have his CD's that I cherish. When we visited the garden Christmas and heard Him speak in the chapel, everyone certainly got a blessing. My prayers are certainly with Larry and the family and the staff. I am looking foward to the many blessings from the studies and messages from the Sower's work. Dr. Guido told us about how much he liked books and gatherings from papers and how he made a sermon from bits and pieces collected from books and papers. He will surely be missed, but Heaven was waiting for Him.

  53. My friend and mentor, Michael. I will miss all the talks about the Bible that we had in person and on the phone. I look look forward once again meeting you in heaven! "Good and Faithful Servant" You will be truly missed!

  54. I have never met a more wonderful caring man in my life. He was truly what we should all strive to be as Christians. I know that Heaven is rejoicing as we take the time to honor his legacy. If we all would work to be even half the Christian he was this world would be a far better place. He was the most humble man I have ever met. He has visited my church quite a few times in the past few years and I am really going to miss those visits. He could tell the word in a way that everyone both young and old could easily understand. I will miss his kinds words and gentle spirit. I wish Larry the best of luck as he continues the Guido Ministry.

  55. I know there is rejoicing in Heaven at the home going of such a humble servant of God. Everytime I was around Mr. Guido, I truly felt God's presence. He was so kind and caring. Another word that comes to mind is "genuine".

    April 8, 1984, he was preaching a revival service at my church and that is when I came to know the Lord. I often tell people when he was preaching that week, I could hear the music from the television devotionals and hear the birds singing.

    Our loss is truly Heaven's gain. May God continue to bless the wonderful ministry that he began.

  56. I was introduced to Dr. Guido through my great grandmother Edna Garrett. As a young girl, I would run next door to my grandmother's house to find her lying on the couch reading the bible, her Sunday School lesson and Dr. Guido's literature. She would invite me in and start telling me all about God's word and how Dr. Guido was an evangelist for Jesus Christ. She even shared The Sower's literature with me. It was years later that I realized the impact she and Dr. Guido had on my life. I started receiving Dr. Guido's literature through the mail and it became my daily devotion and finally the turning point in my life from a dead beat christian to a bible reading christian who learned that she needed to worship God better and more. Dr. Guido has been a significant part of my christian life with his literature, his huge smile, his humble attitude but most of all his awesome love for Jesus. It always gave me a very warm feeling inside every time I heard him say JESUS. He said it with such sincerity and love. I had the honor of meeting him on a few occasions these past few years at the Gardens. He personally wrote to me when I wrote to him concerning some personal issues. I will miss him tremedously and so will the world. I know the angels are rejoicing and Jesus is so grateful to his faithful servant. Thank you Mrs. Audrey and the Staff of Guido Association for your many years of dedication and hard work. You all have made a wonderful difference in this lost world. For that I thank you and will continue to pray for you all.

    Love in Christ,
    Jennifer Price
    Clyo, GA

  57. I'm so sorry about your loss. He will be missed by everyone that knew him I fill he is talking with the lard today he helped me in the loss of a lot of my Family by Praying for us Reba in Metter ga

  58. Jesus, thank you for Dr> Micheal Guido, his smile is worth a trillion words. The smile touched me in a uplifting way. I miss him, and will continue to be a part of his web ministry. Thanks for the memories.

    The Thompkins Family Savannanh Georgia.....

  59. Pastor Wilma and Darvin ByrdFriday, February 27, 2009

    Dr. Michael Guido has impacted our lives for many years. We have had many services with him.
    He and The Byrd Family had revivals. He was a man of undeniable faith, meekness, and a very loving and caring man of God. We enjoyed all the Christmas concerts at the Garden for many years. Of course this past Christmas when he was very sick yet he was there. We love Dr. Guido and his precious wife, Audrey. The Community Worship Center in Millen, Ga. where Pastor Wilma Byrd is pastor and The Byrd Family Ministries.. We will meet you again soon in heaven. A memory forever!

  60. "Jesus", the name of the Lord that Michael could say that would touch your soul. His voice, his manner, his love of the Lord drew many to him and his ministry. How my family and I will miss him. Michael led me to the Lord in October of 1953, at a tent revival in the Chicago area. My mom and dad became best friends with Audrey and Michael in the early 50's and that friendship continued all their lives.

    I have known the Guido's possibly longer than anyone, other than family. He dedicated our business to the Lord with a large service back in the 60's. He gave the sermon at my mom's furneral and recorded the sermon that was played at my dad's funeral. How humble I feel to have known him nearly all my life. He meant so much to all of us and will be missed dearly. The empty spot in my heart will be filled with the knowledge that Heaven is where he belongs now. He now can see the fruits of his labor spreading the seeds, as the Sower, with all those in Heaven that he helped save.

    Now the torch has passed. Larry Guido is at the helm. We must thank the Lord for him and his wife at this time ,and forever, as they continue this ministry.

    Also pray for our dear sister Audrey. Remember her magic??? I sure do. Her unfailing devotion to Michael and the Lord was unfrettered. A true Lady, Christian, and a real Georgia peach. Pray for her health to improve, we love her.

    John and Peggy Stillwell
    Lisle, Il and Kerrville, TX

  61. Bill and Sylvia PrestonFriday, February 27, 2009

    Dr. Guido has been a blessing to me for the past 28 years. He said more in those five minutes in his "Seeds From the Sower" program than many messages I heard on Sundays. My wife and I along with countless thousands of others will miss his ministry but I know we will see him shortly. The day he closed his eyes for the last time on earth I know he immediately heard "Well done good and faithful servant, enter into my rest."

  62. Rev. Jimmy Casey
    Bro. Micheal was a good friend. He helped me when I lost my wife to ALS. I remember the night she died he called me and expressed his symphony it meant so much to me. We have lost a giant of the faith but heaven has gained a saint.

  63. Julia Clark

    His PSA was/are very important and comforting to me. I would stop and listen. Sometimes my life got real busy, over-whelming and heady, Dr. Guido's message was always a reflection for "where am I at and how am I handling it", a nudge to seek the Lord always. I would stop listen to the PSA and think how can this word apply or improve where I am at now. Guido's seeds nurtured my spirit in many a spiritually lean landscapes. I wish I had met him. Given a choice of meeting him or president of the U.N, I would have chosen to meet Guido. I am very fortunate to have visited the gardens. The Garden is one of the most spiritually peaceful places I have visited.

  64. While in college I attended the funeral of a fraternity brother that lived in Metter. One of the ministers in the service was Dr. Guido. As he spoke a smile radiated from his face the entire time. I was confused and wondering if this man was real or just putting on a show. I had seen The Sower on TV and thought this was just the preformance face of a minister. Well, needless to say, I was very wrong. About 3 years ago I had the extreme honor of meeting Michael Guido in person. As thousands can attest he impressed, smiled, loved, cared, shared, gave, took the time. My life is forever better because of his.

  65. It is scary for me to think that in this crazy world we live in now that there will not be Dr Guido there for words of wisdom. This is such a tme of uncertainity in so many lives and Dr Guidos comforting words must now come from those whom he mentored, loved and taught with his world of knowledge. If only he could have advised our world leaders, what a wonderful world this could be. He truly had a way of bringing a sense of calm to the stormy seas of life.

  66. It was over 40 years ago when I first met Michael Guido at an evangelistic meeting in the First Baptist Church of Temperance Michigan. My wife and I were fortunate to get our names on the list to have him over for dinner while he was in town, and an instant friendship developed.

    Michael told me about “Seeds for the Sower”. I began to read them, with my Bible everyday, and to this day I still do.

    One of the times when he was in town and we were in the process of building a new home, he came and visited the home, under construction with its exposed wall supports and beams. He held a dedication service right there. Our home has been used for the Lord and blessed ever since.

    Another time when he was in town having meetings, I was in the hospital with heart problems. He made a special trip to the hospital to visit and pray with me. Years later, I was in Florida and had broken my ankle which put me in the hospital again. He made several long distance phone calls to me during my stay, and always prayed.

    Often, while my wife and I were traveling to or from Florida, we were able to stop and visit Michael and Audrey. We spent time walking through that beautiful garden. I have talked to him on the phone many times and we reminisce about the wonderful memories we have shared together.

    I will miss talking and visiting with Michael, but each time I read the “Seeds from the Sower”, his spirit is with me. I feel so blessed to have known him as a friend for so many years. I know I will seem him again when we meet in heaven.

    Ralph and Eleanor Kraft
    Erie, Michigan

  67. GOD gave us all a wonderful gift in the person of The Sower. Throughout the dark years of my youth, Michael Guido's Seeds were a constant reminder of the beautiful world that the LORD created for us all. Many times in the depths of my addictions I would see Seeds on the television and would remember there was always a warm welcome waiting for even the most hopeless, no matter how far I had strayed.

    Many times my mom and dad sent prayer requests to The Sower and went to the Guido Gardens to pray for me. Dr. Guido always answered the requests and took time to pray with my parents.

    When I was blessed with sobriety a few years ago, I met the Sower at the Gardens and there was that same joyous smile and wonderful person I remembered from my youth. Michael took the time to talk to my mom and me and pray with us.

    I will always be thankful to the LORD for sending such a wonderful and faithful servant into this world and I look forward to seeing him again in Heaven.

    Mike T
    SAV, GA

  68. Stewart and Gloria AdamsSaturday, February 28, 2009

    I first met Mr. and Mrs Guido in 1965. My wife, who was Mr. Guido's first secretary, and I were married by him in 1967. To us Mr. Guido live out Paul's scripture in 2 Cor. 5:7 "for we walk by faith, and not by sight"

    We shall miss him, his smile and the prayer that always was present at the conclusion of each visit. The are multitudes that are rejoicing with him in heaven today because he touched their lives here on earth.

  69. John and Clare BryanSunday, March 01, 2009

    For 28 years Michael Guido has touched my life as he prayed for me, my family and my ministry. We met in Augusta, GA in 1981 as he preached at Curtis Baptist Church, where I was privileged to serve for 17 years. He was my friend, mentor and model. His radiance as a Christ-like man of God was not just captivating...it was contagious!

    For many years I have prayed for him and Audrey--daily. This is so much a part of my life that I have had to now direct those prayers toward his ongoing ministry and legacy as his life will continue to carry forth the gospel through the Guido Evangelistic Association.

    Praise God for his witness, compassion, care and integrity! The worship experience at his homegoing celebration was truly God-honoring as was he for each of us.


  71. Jackie and Jimmy HumphreySunday, March 01, 2009

    The sounds of the wonderful birds thru the message that Dr. Guido spoke, will always be such a wonderful sound in my memory, I will always think of him when ever I hear God great creation of the birds sounds. I remember him as a small child and his messages meant alot to me. I know God is very happy to have such a wonderful angel by his side. God gave him the smile, voice, loving kind heart,and his sprit to give to others and so glad that I will always cheerish each message I heard thru him. Thank You Dr. M. Guido for such an outstanding work thru God.

  72. My family and I will remember always the kindness and loving person you are. May God continue to bless you in your new home as well as bless all family members and keep you close to his heart during this difficult time.
    Many hugs and kisses from our family to yours. You and you family will be on my prayer lists. I wish you Joy and happines and the courage ad strength you will need during this difficult time.

    He will be greatly missed by all.

    Mr.& Mrs. Ted-Joan Wren
    Mr.& Mrs. David-Kathy-Nathan Wren

  73. Last Christmas was my first time seeing the sower.
    I had a lot of problems coping with Christmas, since this was my second year away from my abusive parents. My loving boyfriend brought me to Guido's garden to help me cheer up and to show me the other side to the Christmas spirit.

    Unsure of where I was I was amazed by all the intricate details put into the light show, but my fondest memory was walking into the small church, and seeing the warm smile on Mr. Guido's face. Looking back I truly believe that just by him being there, I felt better about myself, and my faith.

    Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Guido for showing me how wonderful life can be in simplicity. :)

    I may never see that smile again, but I shall tell many of what that smile did for me, and I shall never forget.

  74. I first came to know Dr. Guido as I began to know myself for I grew up watching his mini broadcasts during the hour I was allowed to watch Sesame Street. Although I didn't fully understand those messages as a three year old child, those same messages left an indelibe mark on my life that gave me the desire to come to know the Lord as my Savior later in life. Thank you Dr. Guido for your legacy...I will never forget you.

  75. I remember what he told me about the Trinity when I was having trouble understanding.He said to think of God as water,but you could also have steam or ice and it would still be water.

  76. Dr. Guido when we (our church in dearing ga. go and help plant plants and in return he gave us a blessing that told us we did a good job and he will ne missed by all

  77. All my life I have been touched and inspired by Dr. Guido. He was the most Godly man I have ever known. If we all could be like him, there would be world peace. He had such a gentle spirit, such faithfulness, oh! what a glorious day it will be to meet him again in Heaven.

  78. Anonymous said...
    My life has been in turmoil since my Mother became terminally ill living over 1700 miles away and I because of all the stress my employment terminated.

    My inside felt empty and I was lonely. Endless job searches and with debtors on my back I happened to turn on T.V. and listened to "The Sower". Everything he said hit home as it applied to me 100%. He advised "Accept Jesus and give the all problems to Him."

    While crying and repenting for my sins asking for forgiveness and another chance with this time
    being in a better relationship with God than I ever had been ( by daily praying, daily reading The Bible, and daily mediation and following The Commandments).

    When I received a letter from The Sower's Brother with an update on his condition I replied to Larry's Letter. Hoping it would give him comfort, strength, courage and accepting whatever happens. I also told Larry that I need his brother to help keep me on the straight path as Dr Guido make a difference in my life and helped me to improve my relationship with God.

    I never had a chance to say thank you to Dr Michael Guido but God will tell him!

  79. As I watched the memorial service online Sunday, I was struck with the love that everyone that knew him had for him. If a person didn't feel God's love when in Dr. Guido's presence, it was because their own heart was hardened against the Lord. I believe that Dr. Guido came the closer to the ideal of a life completely surrendered to Christ than anyone in our generation.

    I will miss his prayers, as I came to depend on them!

  80. Since I was a child (I'm now 46)I remember hearing the music coming from the TV signaling the beginning of the "Seed from the Sower" television spot. The Lord used Michael Guido in a tremendous way to shape my life and draw me closer to Him. I have stories to tell of meeting and talking with his wife at Guido Gardens one day many years ago. And of once seeing him in downtown Savannah and thinking how truly genuine and touched by the very hand of God was this man. I miss him, but rejoice with the saints that he is at home with the Father.
    Continued Blessings on his ministry,
    Gary Strickland
    Savannah, GA

  81. I encountered Dr. Michael while in college at Georgia Southern. It was in the late 60's and that familiar sound of the birds coming before his message always alerted me to listen intently. His voice was like silk, soothing and mellow. WSAV in Savannah would sign off at midnight then and he would be the last of the broadcast. It was a soothing end to the day. Some 20 plus years later I was in the greenhouse supply business and got a call from none other than Audrey Guido regarding things she needed for their greenhouses. I knew exactly who she was and anxiously planned a trip to see them. While visiting the gardens, I asked to see Michael and his staff graciously arranged a time. Nothing was ever the same since that time. I took my then, 12 year old son to meet him, and he was taken with this wonderful man also. A short time later and after many trips down to the gardens, I asked Dr. Mike if he would perform my wedding ceremony in Gainesville, Georgia and he of course said yes sir I will. We had the wedding at our home and Mr. Ellis Wood flew Michael up from Metter to our airport, where Buckey Kennedy picked him up and brought him to the house. We have it all on tape and I wouldn't take anything for it. As these 15 years has passed, we have stopped by many times to see him and Audrey when she was well and thank God we stopped in November before he became so sick. He always said "I'm so glad I tied your knot". I firmly believe he was the most God like man I've ever met or hope to meet. He always made you feel like you were the most important person on earth, but always led the conversation to Jesus. We will miss him tremendously and relish in the beautiful memories of the past.

  82. I first met Dr. Guido when I was working at Fat Man's Forest in Augusta. He was buying Christmas lights. I said "Aren't you the Seeds from the Sower from Tv?" He said yes, with that warm smile and gave me some cards.

    Two years ago, I was able to go to the gardens to meet Dr. G with my father. I had watched him on television for years but never (besides the short encounter in Fat Man's) had met him. I truly felt like I was in the presence of God. He was such a kind, funny, caring man. My spirits were lifted every time I saw him. I am so glad I was able to know him and I will miss him deeply.

    He is finally with Jesus where he hopes everyone will one day be.

    Love, Lisa Durst

  83. How well Martha and I remember Michael having lived just down the street while I was the editor of the Metter Advertiser in 1979/80. Such a joy to see and hear him. He always had a word of encouragement for me as a struggling editor. I remember one day he asked our boys, David and Donny to be part of the taping of his television messages, and how we were embarrassed when Donny all of a sudden ran across the set. Michael said, oh don't worry, that will make it more real for the viewers. Thank you Michael for all you meant to us.
    Dub and Martha Joiner
    Ellijay, GA

  84. To the Guido family,

    Dr. Guido was truely a man of God. He served the Lord with an undivided heart. He helped my wife and I multiple times with words of wisdom, hope, peace, faith, and love....and still does through his daily devotionals. He proclaimed the Truth of Jesus Christ across the world for many years. Glory be to God for Dr. Michael Guido! Dr. Guido will be misssed by us all, but it will be alright because we will see him again if we stand firm to the end as he did. The Lord is the Lord. He will take care of all of you.(Psalm 23) He is able to bring to your hearts unlimited peace, joy, love, and victory! May the Lord Himself grant you His rest. Thanks be to God for the victory we have in Him through Christ Jesus! May the Lord Jesus Christ and God the father grant to all of us the faithfullness, love, and hope that Dr. Guido held in his heart for the Lord.

    Peace be with your hearts,
    your brother in Christ

  85. I have listened to Dr.Guido's broadcasts,read the wonderful devotionals for many years.These are things that you do not forget.I had the honor of caring for Dr. Guido as his nurse on several occasions.I can honestly say that this was a man in whom dwelt the spirit of our Lord and Savior.Even though we tried many times to just get him to rest,his mind was always on Jesus.He wanted to pray with everyone who came into his presence.He was always smiling even when sick.Always so thankful for anything that needed to be done for him.I believe Dr.Guido truly had a love for people that is rarely seen today.He was truly a blessing and inspiration to me and so many others.May God continue to use this ministry to reach out to souls.May God bless and be with Mrs.Guido,family,and staff in their loss.Thank god for the gift we were honored to have in Dr.Guido.

  86. I have known Brother Michael and Audrey for many many years, as her parents Mr. and Mrs. Forehand were my parents "back door neighbors". I have heard him preach many times, but when I heard him sing "How Great Thou Art", it would give you goose bumps. He had the most beautiful, Godly voice of anyone I have ever heard. He preached my cousin, James F. Beasleys funeral. I have never heard any more beautiful words spoked about anyone in my life. Brother Michael was sick and in a wheelchair at the time, but this did not stop him from telling about his friend. Brenda later ask me to stop in to visit Brother Michael when he was in the hospital. We were in Metter at the time for a family reunion. I had been to church with Brenda that day and was on my way out to the reunion. I said that he would not remember me since we had been away from Metter since 1977. I almost drove right past the hospital, but something made me turn into the parking lot, and I am so thankful that I did. I walked to his room and tapped on the door. He said to come in. I walked in and he, Audrey and another couple were having lunch. I apologized for interupting their meal. He smiled and said not to worry about that. I didn't introduce myself, but said that I bet he didn't know who I was, then I apologized and said that I hate it when people say that to me. I told him who I was and that my parents and Audrey's parents had been neighbors for many years, until their deaths. He smiled and treated me like a long lost relative. He introduced me to the people that they were having lunch with. We spoke and he ask if we could have prayer. Of course I agreed, and I have never in my life heard a more beautiful prayer. He thanked God for sending this old friend to visit him and Audrey and he continued to pray for me. I was so deeply touched by his kindness. I didn't stay long after that, but will always treasure these few minutes spent with this wonderful man and his beloved Audrey. I still receive the Metter Advertiser, and have saved the two editions about his death and his celebration of life. And what a life he had. I receive his monthly messages and have gotten several people in my church to subscribe to them also. I have also bought 2 of his books about his life story and have loaned them out and never got them back, because they have been passed around from person to person. I will order another one and will not loan it out. Our sympathy is extended to Audrey, Larry, and Michaels sister-in-love. I'm sorry I don't know her name, but I thought that was the most beautiful and loving way that she was named in his obituary. We will be praying for all of you, and we thank God for loaning this wonderful man to all of us for 94 years.
    Carolyn Reardon Davis, Lake Park, Ga.

  87. Today was the first day that I had an opportunity to visit Guido Gardens. As many others have stated, I too grew up watching "A Seed from the Sower" on television. His message was always inspirational, relevant, and applicable to our daily lives. I am sad that I never had the opportunity to meet Dr. Guido in person, but my God tells me that I will see him in Heaven! While at the gardens, I was awe struck when I saw Dr. Guido's Ford Lincoln car under his carport with the Georgia license tag personalized with "SOWER." I have several photos to share with friends and family and I hope to return to the gardens with others in tow! Thank you for the opportunity to visit on a wonderfully beatiful day and may God richly bless the future of the Guido Evalgelistic Association.
    N.H. Canton, Georgia

  88. I remember seeing the "Sower" on tv as a child. Such a peace would fall on you as you listened.My family & I visited Guido Gardens a couple of years ago while vacationing. It was so beautiful and breathtaking. You could feel the presence of the Holy spirit so strong there. We didn't get to meet Mr. Guido that day, we were given the option to wait for him but, because of time were unable to. I am sorry I didn't get to see him but, feel so blessed to have visited the gardens. This world needs more people like the Guido's. There are few people who so unselfishly work hard to serve The Lord and help others.We will cherish our memories of Dr. Michael Guido.

  89. Vaunda Ryder from MIlton,WV My husband and I with Josh and Natalie would alway look forward to seeing the Seed from the Sower on what was the
    WTSF- Channel 61 Ashland.KY in the 90's .
    IN 1997 we had the opportunity to visit family in Statesboro Ga. I told my husband i wanted to go to Michael Guido Chapel and garden. So we made our plans and we just felt love during our tour, at the end of the tour we were asked if we would like to meet Mr Guido and of course we did. We meet him and had our picture taken with him and meet the camera man from Beckley WV too. We have shared our visit of his ministry. My husband Aunt remember that we loved MR Guidos ministry and she mailed us the copy of Statesbor Chronicles.We Thank God for what we learned from his ministry and MrGuido's love for God and his son Jesus.

  90. Curtis and I pastored Ailey Baptist Church for a year in Ailey, Georgia. While we were pastoring, we asked Dr. Guido to come and speak at our homecoming. He came to our homecoming and was such a joy and a delight. He was always so incredibly optimistic and the congregation truly enjoyed his sermon.

    Several months later, we called and asked Dr. Guido if we could come to Metter and take him and his precious wife Mrs. Audrey Guido out to lunch. He graciously accepted. When we arrived at Guido Gardens, he met us and took us in his golf cart to his house. Dr. Guido told us that we were going to eat with him that day at his house because Mrs. Guido wasn't feeling well. I remember his signature sense of humor and the kindness he showed to us that day. Riding around with him in his golf cart was quite an experience as well! He was so much fun and made a person feel so welcome!

    We also remember the wonderful time we had when the church group visited Guido Gardens at Christmas. We always looked forward to seeing Dr. Guido in the little glass chapel.

    Dr. Michael Guido was a true man of God and a great man of faith. I remember as a little girl, hearing him in Augusta, Georgia on the local television station. Even as a child, I remember his inspirational stories and his positive messages of hope.

    The angels are rejoicing because one of the best testimonies of faith that Heaven ever had has walked into the portals of Heaven to meet Jesus Christ his Lord.

  91. I grew up watching Dr. Guido on T.V. I especially remember times at my Grandma's house seeing him and enjoying his message. It would not be until my early 20's that I would accept Christ.
    Now I am in my early 40's and hold those memories so dear. I began searching for Dr. Guido a couple of years ago on the internet and was so pleased to find him.
    I was sadened to hear of his passing, but at the same time encouraged, because this is what the Gospel message is all about. A future and a hope! My heart and prayers go out to the family.
    I am thankful for the Sower ministries and hope it will continue to reach many with the good news.
    with love,

  92. My mother , a devoit Catholic, was always very
    appreciative of Mr .Guidos preachings.
    She would ask me as a child to stop and listen
    when THE Sower came on the tv.
    I did not pay much attention then.
    The closest I came to meeting Mr.Guido was helping him out of his vehicle at a local Greek restraunt.His body was frail and aged
    but his spirit was STRONG.
    I am in my late 40s now and have decovered why my mother had such great respect for him.
    Listening to him before his passing and now gives me hope as a Christian.
    Thank you God for this wonderful man.
    He will be remembered.

  93. Hello,
    I am just learning about the death of my earth angel, Rev. Guido. I can't find words to describe my friend. You see I grew up reading his booklets. My mother loved him too. Five yrs ago my husband and I was traveling through Metter and I saw the signs posted for the Guido Garden. We stopped and actually got to visit with Rev. Guido. I was going through some hardship with my nursing supervisory job transition. I was so burned out and he prayed for me. The next week I landed a job doing assessments for disabled individuals to received in-home assistance. Rev. Guido informed me I would find a job that would allow me to do what I enjoyed doing and still be able to help others. I have truely enjoyed my job, I always think of him. I wish I could have been just one of his nurses.

    My husband and I went back to see him last year, we noticed he was a little weak, but he remembered us as his friends, "THE TEACHER AND THE NURSE." We will miss him, but my tears will be happy ones for him. I truely believe our friend is with our heavenly father. We have to continue to make sure his hard work was not in vain.

  94. I was first introduced to the writings of Dr. Guido back in the late 80's after picking up a devotional guide book at a restaurant we were having dinner, which set just off Hwy. 16 that was structured near a peaceful, calm lake in Metter. The food was good, the atmosphere of the restaurant was good (even though we were the only blacks there at that time), and afterward we spent some time near the lake to just reflect, meditate and pray as we begun to read the free literature. I was so inspired and filled with the holy spirit from the experience that I did not want to leave. I took lots of pictures to capture the moment so I would have keepsakes for instant reflections when I got back to Atlanta that I framed and placed near my fireplace for quick viewings.

    I immediately enrolled to receive the monthly publications that I still look forward to reading still now, first thing in the morning. He was truly an amazing man, writer and servant of God. I was on an assignment for Olan Mills at a church a few miles from the grounds, on the same street in the middle of summer back in the early 90's. I purposed myself to get there early and get set up just so I would have time to run and pray in the garden. Upon entering the main lobby, to my surprise, there was Dr. Guido passing through the building just like anybody else there!!!! He had a kind gentle smile as he spoke to me and directed me to go out to visit the grounds. It was a very hot summer day and though I was dress in business attire, having met him that brief moment and standing on holy grounds, I had to take advantage of that opportunity. I have visited many spiritual sites of such, but that encounter was one of the most rewarding ones that I have had. I can still feel the peace and tranquility of that moment.

    I hope that his work continue and the new goals that he set in motion be fulfilled. I thank God for the seed that He planted in their minds to start this ministry years ago. I am sure that He is now in Heaven smiling down gently encouraging us to always be mindful, give thanks and to pray without ceasing.

  95. I met Dr. Guido at the small chapel there at Guido Gardens. He share with us how JESUS got to choose his own name (because we don't get to choose our name). His speech and actions were so kind. His gardens so beautiful and he loved the Lord! I am so glad I went there that year with my Sunday School Class "Joy" from First Baptist Church, Eastman Ga.
    Cindy White

  96. Rev. Lee SmollarThursday, March 19, 2009

    I have been listening to Michael Guido's preaching and teaching for about 10 or 12 years. Just last summer of 08' I had to go to Savannah for a conference. On the way back I stopped at the gardens to tour that wonderful place. The presence of the Hoy Spirit was incredible when I even stepped out of my car. I walked through the gardens weeping. I am a pastor and was going thorugh some tough times in my ministry then. I needed some restoration in my life. As I was leaving I noticed his home there as I was ending my walk. I went to Dr. Guidos back door and tapped on his door. No one came. As I started to walk away, I heard the door open. It was Dr. Guido. I stood there in shock. He said, "Can I help you?" He and I had a wonderful conversation. I called my wife on my cell phone, I live in Rome, GA. I said, "Honey, You are not going to believe who I am standing here talking to." She said, "Who?" I said, "Dr. Michael Guido." She said, "You've got to be kidding me." He took the phone and talked with my wife, Marie. Dr. Guido and I chatted for another minute or so and I told him I should go and let him rest. He wanted me to come in his home and sit down a while. I couldn't do that. He then asked me, "Pastor Lee, before you go may I pray for you?" I started to weep. God's presence was so overwhelming on Dr. Guido's back door steps. I said, "Please Dr. Guido. Please pray for me. I need a refreshing in my life." He laid his hands on my head and prayed a powerful and annointed prayer over my life, my marraige, and my ministry. This Methodist preacher will never be the same. I am so thankful for the few minutes he and I had together. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined I would actually get to talk with him. What a mighty man of God he was. He certainly now is reaping from the seeds he has sown. He will be missed, but never forgotton.
    Pastor Lee Smollar
    Smyrna United Methodist Church
    Dallas, GA.

  97. Micheal married Joe and I, 21 years ago in Savannah, GA. We have so many good memories of our times with Micheal and Audrey. The wonderful visits, the meals together and the lovely strolls in the gardens together. It brought Micheal special joy to show the gardens to our children and to help them feed the huge goldfish. It is sad for us left behind, but oh, the glory and rejoicing the he is experiencing right now...wow!
    Toni Saba (for Joe too)

  98. 3/29/09

    We were saddened to hear of Dr. Guido's passing, for we shall be
    among many who will miss him, but
    oh, what a legacy he left! He and
    Audrey were prime examples of trusting
    God, and letting Him work through
    them to bless many other people.

    We first met Dr. Guido when he was
    a guest speaker of a Baptist church
    in East Point, Ga. We visited him
    in Metter in the early 1970's, and
    we witnessed many examples of how
    they fully trusted God, and how
    God provided for their ministry and
    answered prayer after prayer.

    We moved to Fla., and in July 2007,
    on a trip to Atlanta, on the way,
    we stopped in Metter, toured the
    beautiful and inspiring Guido Gardens,
    and got to talk once again with Dr.
    Guido. We were blessed by this meeting, and were privileged to have
    prayer with him, as he prayed for our
    safe journeying mercies, and for our
    adult son. He was truly a gracious
    and loving servant of our Lord.

    While he will be deeply and dearly
    missed, we can be comforted that he
    is in glory with his beloved Lord
    and Savior, Jesus Christ, and soon,
    we will all be together in a wonderful
    reunion! We pray for the ongoing work
    of what he and Audrey started over
    50 years ago. We pray for Larry and
    his wife as they continue the work,
    and for Audrey that God will comfort
    and sustain her.

    The Scriptures says in Psalms 116:15,
    "Precious in the sight of the Lord is
    the death of his saints". I am sure
    the Lord had a special homecoming as
    Michael entered the gates of heaven,
    and told him, "Well done, my good and
    faithful servant...enter thou into the
    joy of thy Lord". Matthew 25:21. May
    God bless Lawrence Guide and the staff
    as they continue on the work of "The
    Sower". May many lives continue to be
    reached, the lost won to the Lord, and
    many others be blessed as a result of
    this ministry.

    In Him,
    Tom & Grace Altman
    W. Palm Beach, Fla.

  99. Michael was the sweetest man I ever knew! I'll always remember the first time I met him at my home church in East Point Georgia. Before he preached he sang the most beautiful rendition of " No one ever cared for me like JESUS" that I have ever heard. Now he is with his wonderful Savior!!! Praise the LORD.

  100. Though I never met him in person, I never will forget the day my wife and I were traveling to Savanah, Ga. to visit our daughter. We stopped at the welcome center off I-16 in Metter, Ga. As we browsed the tourist pamphlets, I saw a "Seeds of the Sower" and picked it up out of curiosity.

    As I read it I was filled with a sweet Spirit and peace from his words. You see, my daughter was in a lock-in facility for behavioral disorders. I showed it to my wife at which time she showed me a pamphlet she had picked up about the gardens. We decided to visit.

    We walked through the garden and were both filled with the peace and presence of the Holy Spirit. We left our daughter's name in the prayer box of the chapel and also prayed ourselves.

    Dr. Guido wasn't there at the time but the secretaty was very gracious and kind. We talked to her briefly and then went on our way.

    I can't tell you what a blessing Dr. Guido was to my life through his writings. At the time we visited the Gardens, I had just answered the call to preach. I was young in the ministry and struggling to do my best as a minister. Through God's grace and Dr. Guido's writing and obedience to God, I am now a much stronger Christian and minister.

    Thanks, Dr. Guido. You are greatly missed but I wouldn't call you back for anything. I look forward to meeting Jesus and then you.

    Love in Christ,
    Rev. Greg Nabors
    Assoc. Pastor
    Mt. Carmel Church
    Carrollton, Ga.

  101. This man of God has impacted my life beyond description. For so many years I have used his "seeds from the sower" as my guide for welcoming purposes in my church back in England. Now in the United States, I contine to use this on a daily basis for encouragement and strength. He will truly be missed but I take heart in knowing that he is resting peacefully with the Lord. Dr Guido, as I learnt from one of your many publications "hold onto your fork, the best is yet to come!"

  102. I am really saddened to learn of Dr. Guido's passing. I always love to hear his encourageing words and sometimes I would visit the web site. His encouragement has been blessing especially when I was home sick with cancer.
    I take courage knowing that he is at rest and one day if we are faithful we'll meet and rejoice together.

  103. I just learned of Dr. Guido's passing. I only knew him through a television screen, but I am thankful for knowing him at all. My years as a student at Georgia Southern were greatly enriched by his inspirational messages. It is saddening that he is no longer here, but I am looking forward to one day sitting with him in his garden in Heaven.

  104. I was priviledged to know Brother Micheal for
    several years, and was very proud to call him my friend and Brother in Christ.
    Michael taught me so much about faith, and his
    devotion to Chist will be one of my favorite
    memories, as will his prayers for me and my family during difficult times.
    I know Michael is still in service to our Lord, and has a front row seat in heaven,
    saying "JESUS" in a way no one else could
    ever do.
    I believe Michael was the most Christlike
    person I ever met, and I am looking forward
    to meeting him again, at Christ's feet, in
    Let us all remember, and keep Miss Audrey
    in our hearts and prayers.

  105. Minister Travis J. Robertson- Judah BroadcastingWednesday, May 20, 2009

    Heaven has a another great one.He prayed for me.
    I was calling about getting his programs on one of my radio stations.And who answered the phone
    it was mr guido himself and i discuss with him about me taking over a radio station and he prayed for me.This was like taking to bill gaither or Bishop G.E Patterson in their office.
    May God bless his wife and kids.HE WAS A GREAT TEACHER OF THE WORD.HE WILL BE MISS!!!!

  106. He gave his life to Jesus and proclaimed his name always; his devotion to the word touched the lives of many and helped to convert them to follow our Lord in daily life. I am one of many who listens to the daily Sower program; his comforting voice and powerful message lives on! Mr. Guido, for twenty plus years I've listened and I want to say THANKS for providing the WORD; you'll truly be missed by all.
    God's Blessings be with you in heaven!!

  107. While growing up, I received so many blessing from watching "Seeds from the Sower'. While my husband and I were traveling to Savannah, we decided to stop in Metter since we new it was where the studios were located. I can't tell you how wonderful it was to happen upon the Guido Gardens during that hot summer day. It was like an oasis. The peace and tranquility we found made our trip so much more pleasant! We also stopped by the Metter Welcome Center and I picked up several of the Seeds from the Sower booklets and distributed them to my friends. Dr Guido will be missed but thanks so much for continuing his ministry.

  108. Bill Barber Milford DeTuesday, July 07, 2009

    I am sad to hear of his passing. I have not checked his website in sometime and did'nt know the Lord called him home. How fondly I'll remember both Michael Guido and his loving eige Audrey. So many years ago when the traveled he brought his message to the Lorimer Memorial Baptist Church in first Chicago Il then the south suburb of Dolton. So many people he lead to the lord with his messages, and Audreys wonderful magic show.

  109. My Love for Guido

    A list of qualities to describe Dr. Michael Guido does not exist. Not because there are not countless wonderful things to be said of him, but because no list could ever be composed and thought to have done him justice. The list would never be complete.

    Through the years that I knew Brother Guido he always made clear to me that loving the Lord Jesus Christ was his meaning for living and that it ought to be that for me too. I hope he is credited for my good works. If the fact that I love Brother Guido with all my heart makes this a bias letter than it is the most bias letter ever written.

    To have been able to call Brother Guido my friend was both a tremendous honor and a great pleasure. He carried the presence of GOD in his heart more than any man or woman I have ever met. So much so that I felt It overflow into me every time I was with him. He was a role model to saints and a triumphant solider for the Lord Jesus. I loved him.

    Brother Guido, I hope this letter will be a reminder to you of how special you truly are. I am not worthy of the many blessings I have received, but I can tell you that one of my most precious blessings has been to have known you personally and to be loved by you. I hope my page in the book of life will have you listed as my true friend in Christ.

    I love you Brother Guido.
    We all miss you very much.

    Timothy E. Redding Jr.

  110. Dr. Guido open his office door to welcome us at our arrival to Georgia. The twenty minutes conversation, his thoughs, the prayer from his heart... make us think about our position and place in our life concerning our daughter and fellow citizens of th world.Been a christian is awesome but to meet a person like Dr.Guido was incredible experience in our life. During Christmas he will show his devotion, his heart to help people by praying with them in the chapel until closing time. We are grateful to had the opportunity to meet such a Holy man. Carlos, Coral & Naya Rodriguez
    Vidalia, Ga

  111. Every - and I mean EVERY time Mr Guido would appear on my TV screen, my heart and lips would cry out, "OH it's Mr Guido! I **LOVE** MR GUIDO!" Even though I never met the brother nor have I ever been to the Gardens, that was and still is my immediate reaction at the thought of Mr Guido.

    Ever since I got saved in the late 1970s, I have always longed for a Godly grandfather type with whom I could sit at their feet like a little kid and let them tell me all they know about God. I sort of "adopted" Mr Guido as that person even though I am far from being a little kid, that longing is still there.

    Today I was filling in the address book on this new cell phone which has a spot for a picture for each listing. So when I put in Seeds under the S category, I thought, "I need a picture of some Seeds," and thought of Mr Guido's logo of the seed sower. So I came to the site and then saw Mr Guido has died which I didn't even realize (I moved over a year ago and I've never seen him on these local channels). But oh what a heartache with tears to learn he is gone, as if my own grandfather had died! I'm so sorry for your loss yet thrilled for him to be in
    the presence of the Lord!

    I'll always remember him by the "HOME OF THE SOWER" picture from your gallery for my address book. And all I can say is, "Oh! It's Mr Guido! I LOVE Mr Guido!"

  112. I heard of Michael Guido through my Director of Missions who invited him to preach to our Baptist Association back in the 80's. I still recall insights from his message on Psalm 1. I heard a number of his short broadcasts and read occasional articles about he and Audrey's trust in the Lord for all provision. These inspired and encouraged me.
    A number of years later I had the good fortune of having him preach a revival for Colonial Oaks Baptist Church in Sarasota, FL. I spent the week driving him to speaking engagements and visiting in homes. I have never spent time with someone who was so genuinely kind, gentle, winsome and who consistently put in a word for his Savior at every opportunity.
    I had recently felt led to purchase his biographical book and was thoroughly enjoying reading it, when I had a phone conversation with my brother from Georgia. He informed me of Michael Guido's passing.
    I am happy for him, and have been inspired and encouraged to grow in my prayer life and in my personal witness by his example. I know he is happy to be with his Lord. Audrey, I know you will remain faithful to the work. Michael would not want you to join him before your work here is done. Only the Father knows that date and time. Till then, thank you both for living such a faithful example for so many of us.
    I am glad to see that the work will continue. Someday I will probably drop in and see the gardens and studio.
    Grace, Truth, Joy and Abundance in Christ,
    Joe R. Brannon, Jr.

  113. Dorothy Mansfield SparksFriday, February 05, 2010

    I loved Michael Guido and share two short letters that I received from him. Thank you dorothy and Ed for your lovely letter. You blessed my heart real good. We will pray for you and for god's guidance amd blessing inthe changing of your residence. Mayour Lord grant you the desires of your hearts and make your home a little heaven on earth. Thank you for the poems you sent me. both are bveautiful. I read the poem "The sower of the Seed", and I cried all the way through. It is beautifully written, and so very well done. You did a God-honoring job and I am proud of you. May the Lord keep on writing beautiful poetry through you and make your new home a little heaven on earth. You honored us Dorothy and Ed when you came to our studio. What a pleasure it was to meet you. You thrilled me by sending me your book of poems and the songs you hve written and your picture. Thank you, thank youu very much. I look forward to reading your poems with much interest and using them in my sermons. May the Lord continue to write beautiful poems and lovely music through you, saving souls, comforting Christians and encouraging the believers. May the Lord load your home with the best of His benefits, may He bless you richly and prosper everything you do.
    I treasure these precious letters from Michael. He truly was God's gift to so many.

  114. My Dad Jimmy Costa, past away in 1996 . We found this testimony in his bible shortly after his death. Our family came to Metter several time to visit Michael and his wife. I'm sure Daddy and Michael had a lot of catching up to do.

    "I was born and raised din the Catholic faith. My parents and their parents were Catholic. My wife (Dot)and I were married in September 1950. On Sundays I would take her to her Baptist church and I would go to my church. Her church service lasted longer than mine and I would have to wait about an hour before picking her up. I often had the thought "how could she be in church for two hours?" In 1951 our first son was born and some Sundays we would take him to the Catholic church; other times he would go with Dot. In 1953 my brother and I bought a service station. I would have to work every other Sunday so that put our children going most Sundays with their mother. As they goto older they became involved in Sunday school, Vacation Bible School at East Athens Baptist Church.
    One day in 1964 the Catholic priest came into the service station and he asked why our children were not in the Catholic school and why they were not coming to church. I explained to him why they were not. He told me if they died they would go to hell if they brought up in the Catholic church. And, that I would be excommunicated from the church for not bring them to the Catholic church. My reply was that if they went to hell for not being raised in the Catholic church that I did not want to belong to the church either.
    My wife worked for the ASCS State Office and the director of the office was William L. Lanier of Metter, Ga. He told Dot of an evangelist in Metter who had the same religious background as myself and that he was a borne again Christian. And, that he had led his family to the Lord. Further, in August he was going to be in Athens at Central Baptist for a revival. We were encouraged to hear him. We had planned our vacation beginning that week. We delayed our departure and attended the revival service; afterwards talking in person to Rev. Guido. He came to our house that night and talked with me and prayed for me. At 10:10 pm, Sunday August 14, 1964 I asked Jesus to come into my heart, also witnessed by my wife and two sons.
    On Monday we went to Lake Blue Ridge for a few days of vacation and I had never seen the mountains the way I saw them that week. It was like being in Heaven! The next Sunday, sitting on the second or third row, when the invitation hymn was being sung, Jesus sent His angels down and took me by the hand and led me forward and I made a public profession of faith. There was no way I could not come forward that day. There were some "amens", some tears--some maybe shouts, but it was an experience that I shall never forget. Some people here tonight were there that Sunday. Afterwards, I was in Sunday school and church. It dawned on me one day that I was doing the very thing that I had thoughts about years earlier -- and it was great!
    In 1964 my two sons and I were baptized here in this church and I have been a member since that wonderful day."

  115. In 1949, maybe 1950, when I was 5 years old, the Guidos had evangelistic meetings at the Reformed Episcopal Church of the Atonement in Germantown, Phila. Pa. My father, Howard Miekley, was the pastor at the church and the Guidos stayed at our home. During a presentation for children, I asked Jesus into my heart. I just now finished writing my faith story and I went to the web site for the address of the Guidos so I could send them a copy. I was saddened to find out about his death but happy that he is with the Lord. My deepest sympathy to Mrs. Guido. I will send a copy to her. Deborah Holbrook, Mequon, WI February 23, 2010.

  116. I can still remember, August 1977, moving into Cone Hall at Georgia Southern College (then)as a freshman, not sure of much in life, and without much direction. One thing I grew to love each day was to hear the "Seed from the Sower" on the local radio station. To this day, I can still hum the tune and remember most of the words. Now I am 50 years old and look back on all the places my life has taken me. The "Sower" played an integral part in my maturing into a young man who would learn to rely on God's love and grace to guide him through all that has happened since, and all that is still to come. Thank you Dr. Guido for your mission and all the many ways you touched people - especially me.

  117. My greatest memory of Dr. Guido was many years ago during a time when some tv evanglist was going through a financial scandal. Dr. Guido was attending a conference in Savannah and a reporter ask him for a comment. He declined to make a comment. The reporter then asked him what his ministry did in times of financial need, he replied "We pray." What a gentle giant.

  118. Until about 15 minutes ago I thought Brother Guido was still alive. I had only seen him on TV and today I thought I would look him up on the internet. I'm saddened by him not being here but happy that his words are still being presented. He had a gentleness that reminded me of my mother and I always felt comforted after hearing his 'Seeds from the Sower'.

  119. Sometime around 2002, I was holding a revival meeting in Metter near the Guido Gardens. I remember the first time that we went there, we were amazed at the beauty. I went into the office and was able to meet him. I was very impressed with him. He treated me and my wife just as if he had known us for years.

  120. I have such fond memories of Dr. Guido coming to the church I grew up in Macon, GA - Cross Keys Baptist - to do revivals..he was always one of my mother's favorite people, praying for family over time. She would make trips down to Metter just to visit with the Guido's or spend time in their beautiful gardens. I have stopped there several times myself over the years just to enjoy the peace. He was a great man of God!

  121. Until recently, I was not aware of Dr. Guido's passing. He will be sorely missed! He was a bright light for the cause of Christ! I have very warm memories of (Dr.)Michael Guido. During my years in Pensacola, FL (1981-1989 Navy), I would listen to the warm, grandfatherly voice of Michael Guido as he sowed the Word of God into my life. He helped to ground me in the Word and had great practical advice to complement his daily seed. I pray God's blessing upon the continuation of his vision in ministry.


  123. marc writes:
    I first heard Seeds from the Sower over twenty years ago while I lived in Puerto Rico. On the long drive in from the mountain town of Aibonito to the school where I worked in San Juan, Christian radio station WBMJ would play these pithy and powerful messages. I deeply appreciated the wisdom, the humour, the warmth, and the genuine love that flowed through his stories. Seeds from the Sower had no specific time slot; therefore, when it came on the radio
    unexpectedly it was a pleasant surprise. God's blessings often arrive unannounced and that makes them more special and adds more
    joy the the Christian walk. And so it was with Michael Guido. I am a richer man for hearing his messages.

  124. I love watching his "Seed From the Sower" segments on WTGL45 Orlando, Florida. I knew Michael Guido was old but I didn't know he passed away. His stories are very uplifting and educational. You lived a good and long Christian life, Mr. Guido. Thank you for all that you have done.

  125. Wow! I didn't even know he had passed. We were just watching tv and he came on. I told my wife I was going to google him. That's when I saw he had died. When I was in the army in 1970 to 1973 in Savannah Ga, we loved to see his short spots on tv. Few words with power. We still love his short spots.

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  137. The Sower has been such a blessing in my life. I never knew what his ministry was about as a child.But now that I'm grown his sermons have brought such meaning to my life.Praise be to God for the ministry of Michael Guido and the nameless people who assisted in it back then and now.

  138. Dr. Guido touched my life when I was a child. I saw him on t.v. early on Saturday morning before I went to work with my father.
    Dad would wake me up early, about 5:30 or so, and I would turn on the tv to watch cartoons while he was getting ready for work.
    Before cartoons came on, I heard the flute music and birds churping and then the gentle, kind voice of Dr. Guido. I would sit spellbound by his profound statements and wisdom. I was so amazed how many deep and genuine his words he could say within a minute.
    Even now as a grown man I reflect back to my childhood and think fondly of Dr, Guido.

  139. Despues de Cristo, el es el-- number one in my ministry as pastor.I use his teachings of "SEEDS FROM THE SOWER" once a month for the IGLESIA ALFA Y OMEGA, at Silver Spring,MD. Muchas gracias. May God keep this ministry for many years more.

  140. Listen to The Seed From The Sower on KHCB, Keeping Him Close By in Houston, Texas, since 1974 continuing through today, December 17, 2016. Also see his 1 to 5 minute devotionals, currently, on NRB, National Religious Broadcasters.
    I like that is short and the point is made thoroughly without digression that might occur if more time were involved!


If your life has been touched in some way by Dr. Guido's ministry, please leave a comment below to commemorate his influence in your life.